Welcome To My Home Page

Hi my name is Phil, I work as a freelance Information Technology Consultant - specialising in applications programming & analysis.

This site is really only used as a digital CV, so unless I've directed you here, you probably won't find much of interest - sorry :o(

Please send me an email for a detailed CV by return.

IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5

IBM Certified Associate for Lotus Software, 2004.

Specialist areas of expertise include:
  • Programming:
    • Lotus Notes & Domino: Rev. 4.6 thru 8.5.1
    • C family of languages: C, C++, Java (JDK 1.02 thru 1.6)
    • GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
    • Web technologies: CGI, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • RDBMS: SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Gupta SQLBase, PostgreSQL
    • Other: Visual Basic, MS Office

  • Process Analysis
  • Data Modelling
  • General Consulting
Like many programmers I gained my early computing experience in System Administration & Technical Support roles. My formative years in IT were spent working in a Unix environment, where I was quickly drawn into Shell Script and C programming. Next I secured a full time development position building MS Windows applications using a combination of C, and the then exciting new development tool, Visual Basic.

I began my first contract assignment in Aug. 93, and I've been a freelance consultant ever since. I have worked on a number of interesting projects in various locations.

I have over 23 years computing experience (20 in systems development).

I can be contacted via email at: philq@soft-structures.com